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Among new features at the Trop, the Rays are opening the “Republic Bank Draft Room,” a lounge style area on the third base side mezzanine for season ticket holders and their guests, featuring pregame and postgame entertainment, craft beers and themed food items, plus special access to Rays players, staff, alumni and local personalities. Hear from Chris Archer, Kevin Kiermaier, Evan Longoria and Logan Morrison, plus a half dozen others and manager Kevin Cash, about everything from their favorite shows to binge watching to dream vacation spots to time killers on their phone. Plus, there is a bonus video on just exactly what the other players think of Archer’s wild hair..

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replica ray bans “I’m very happy that my brother is going to be OK. But this is a much deeper problem than what’s being addressed,” Joyner said. “The police are going to leave this scene and they are going to go home to their safe home. Does the use of social media in the workplace benefit organizations and educational institutions and help productivity or hamper productivity? That’s a question many leaders and educators are debating in organizations, even while students and employees immerse themselves in social media for both personal and business purposes.” How much work can ‘hyper socializing’ employees really accomplish if they are holding multiple conversations with others via text messaging or obsessively checking social networking sites?” That’s a question that John Agno in his Leadership Blog, recently asked.His reply was, “They can accomplish a great deal in today’s 24/7 virtual environment. The Gen Xs and Ys have a gift for multitasking (because they have integrated technology into their lives) and now have the ability to remain connected to each other and thus serve themselves and their employers well.”Jeffrey Zaslow in the Wall Street Journal, November 5, 2009, says, “Because so many people in their teens and early 20s are in this constant whir of socializing accessible to each other every minute of the day via cell phone, instant messaging and social networking Web sites there are a host of new questions that need to be addressed in schools, in the workplace and at home. Chief among them: How much work can ‘hyper socializing’ students or employees really accomplish if they are holding multiple conversations with friends via text messaging, or are obsessively checking Facebook?”Let’s take look at the arguments against the presence of social media in the workplace and our educational institutions replica ray bans.

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