We loved those uniforms and wore them with pride

“We loved those uniforms and wore them with pride. The team is asking fans whether their facemasks should be blue or white.The Rams announced Wednesday they will wear blue helmets with white horns, similar to what they wore from 1964 72.They also asked fans this week to vote on the pants they’ll wear. The team will remove the gold from their pants and conducted a poll Tuesday and Wednesday on whether their pants should have a single blue stripe or a double blue stripe.The Rams will continue to wear the white jersey they wore for most of their home games in 2016; it contains navy and hints of gold.The team is continuing to explore a full rebrand, including new uniforms, that will be unveiled in 2019, their first season in the stadium under construction in Inglewood.The 18 member coaching team will be led by 31 year old Sean McVay, the youngest head coach in NFL history.”We have a great group of talented coaches that I’m very excited to work with this year,” McVay said in a statement released by the team on Wednesday.

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