Thunderous cheers and laughter from the crowd echoed well

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wholesale jerseys Students from Taft Elementary School perform for the rest of the school Monday during an anti bullying program at Taft Elementary School in Joliet.Charlie appeared as a small puppet on top of a podium with a picture of White adorned with flowers. White had been praised earlier by Phillips and students for his work in education, and given a lifetime achievement award.”We’ve heard that you were bullied at school,” Phillips said to Charlie.He answered with squawks.”Wow, was it that bad?” she said.She told Charlie she was going to read about his story of being bullied and how he overcame it. At the end of the tale, the students learned several tips on how to deal with bullying. wholesale jerseys

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Cheap Jerseys china Across town at Palo Alto High School the next day, the level of excitement was similar as students prepared for a final rally and float competition before their homecoming game that night. Thunderous cheers and laughter from the crowd echoed well beyond Viking Stadium as the freshman float made its way in front of the stands while the PA system erupted into a flurry of pop and hip hop songs. Next, the sophomores’ firefighter float made its way onto the field, followed by the junior class’ Muhammad Ali themed float that featured a full boxing ring. Cheap Jerseys china

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