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Things TO READThings TO DOMumford Sons bring Squamish Valley Music Festival to an electric closeby Gregory Adams on August 10th, 2015 at 11:59 AMAt Loggers Sports Grounds and Centennial Fields on Sunday, August 9The clouds that covered the Loggers Sports Grounds and Centennial Fields Saturday mercifully parted on Sunday, giving Squamish Valley Music Festival fans a quadruple dose of vitamin D. Since the release of its electric guitar heavy new LP, Wilder Mind.First up, though, was Kamloops quartet Gleneagle, which won its slot through the fan voted Bud’s Up contest. Few people made it to the Garibaldi stage to taste their meat and potatoes country rock, but the hootenanny was enjoyed by a handful of die hards holding neon signs proclaiming their love for guitarist Bryden Scott.

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