The town is in a 10 year drought that’s forecast to get worse

We use the flimsy tape as “tell tales” in sailing races. Attach the tape to the stays on both sides of the jib and you can judge the wind accurately. Using this method we (the only European boat) beat the rest of the fleet (USA) in a regatta a few years ago.

new era snapbacks Don’t know about you but some of us remember way back when Sunday afternoon was widely considered “family day,” a now nearly extinct notion that was once as American as not burning the flag. Food was the primary focus, with massive spreads of chicken and biscuits and Aunt Dot’s gooey apple pie. The adults gathered to trade tool tips and recipes on the veranda while the kids leg wrestled on the well manicured lawn. new era snapbacks

Cheap Snapbacks Rebecca Gray of Tyler, center, puts on her bonnet before the Easter service Sunday March 27, 2016 at St. Francis Episcopal Church. The tradition started when Bitsy Wright decided to wear an Easter bonnet several years ago when she was going through chemotherapy and Pam Renner surprised her by encouraging the other women to also wear bonnets in support. Cheap Snapbacks

supreme hats Saint Joseph High School is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the girls’ basketball team winning the state championship. Thursday. That will be followed by a pre game ceremony at 7:15 before the girls’ varsity game against Washington. But the highlights, admittedly, are Saturday, when it an indoor outdoor collection of sheds and stalls selling everything from local farmers fare to artistic flair jewelry and clothing. There are also dozens of hot and cold food vendors, dollar store purveyors and much, much more. On Sundays, a giant flea market moves in, along with the requisite farmers produce and other food vendors.. supreme hats

wholesale Snapback Hats The opening night cast (I haven seen the second, rotating cast, which performed Sunday) also included baritone Krassen Karagiozov as Belcore, the army sergeant and Lothario. He sang with buttery ease but Belcore, who throws invectives at enemies with the virtuosity of a Sarah Palin, needs more brutishness. As the quack Dulcamara, bass Silas Elash was a pleasure; he is proving to be a powerful and consistent singer.. wholesale Snapback Hats

new era hats There might be enough water for everybody but we just don’t know that. If the study shows that after 5 years the town’s wells could be compromised, once it’s approved and is running, it can’t be stopped, he said, so it’s important to know that early on. The town is in a 10 year drought that’s forecast to get worse, so the information, and he’s asking that the council agree to do the study before any activities start in the mountains cheap hats, Stabile. new era hats

cheap hats Due to the volume of submissions, items will be listed as close as possible to their start date; if a deadline to enroll is included, the event will be listed on the Sunday before deadline. High res digital photos, depending on quality, are used if space permits. Submissions are subject to revision and rewriting, inclusion is not guaranteed and publication does not mean programs are endorsed by The Maui News.. cheap hats

supreme Snapbacks If an activist takes control of the board then the other shareholders are not sharing in the premium for control. This has been seen as a ground of defence by some boards for ocking outactivists. While it is true that the activist model does not usually include paying a premium for control it is also true that all shareholders (without cost) should share equally in any improvement in a company performance (a so called ree ride supreme Snapbacks.

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