The store consults with an outside source to authenticate and

K. Cooke/N. Tang (P) def. At a recent Abraham Hicks workshop, someone asked them “what is thought” and “what is thinking”. The answer was that “thought” was an offering of vibration and that “thinking” is simply what happens when you focus your attention on a thought long enough that it starts to attract like vibration or thoughts to it. There really is no process of thinking, there is only focus and magnetizing..

The fantasy of ultimate fan invasion, Being John Malkovich initially suggests a parable of fame and desire. Later, it seems a metaphysical riff on immortality. But once “Malkovich” becomes Craig’s puppet (and Malkovich starts to play Cusack), it’s clear that Being John Malkovich is a movie about acting or rather, a movie about acting in reverse.

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