The off week is welcome as the Broncos

If you look at it any other way, I think you’re confused.”There was no confusion about what happened in Pittsburgh over the summer, when a bid for a fourth straight playoff berth cratered underneath the weight of a starting rotation that failed to live up to the standards set by its predecessors and a bullpen that faltered in crucial moments. The Pirates finished 18th in the majors in ERA (4.21), a full run a game higher than they allowed while winning 98 games in 2015. Happ last winter led Pittsburgh to take fliers on erratic veterans Jon Niese, Juan Nicasio and Ryan Vogelsong in the hopes pitching coach Ray Searage could replicate the magic that rejuvenated the careers of players like Burnett and Francisco Liriano.

Cheap Jerseys from china Hard to fathom Denver scoring 47 points and Peyton Manning not throwing one touchdown pass. Anderson (3 TDs) and kicker Connor Barth (17 points) took care of the scoring in a rout of Oakland that gave the reigning AFC champs a first round bye. The off week is welcome as the Broncos, including Manning, have been banged up of late.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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