The investigation focused on whether the senator had

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Cheap Jerseys china California Giant director Jim Mattis, whose rider Adrien Costa wore the men white jersey, said different teams trying to do different things. It like playing chess with 25 other teams at once. You try and eliminate the chaos. The investigation focused on whether the senator had improperly advocated on Melgen’s behalf, including by intervening in a Medicare billing dispute.Menendez has acknowledged that he flew multiple times on Melgen’s private jet to the Dominican Republic and initially failed to properly pay for the trips. Menendez in 2013 agreed to reimburse Melgen $58,500 for the full cost of two flights.The senator’s office later disclosed another flight, from Florida to New Jersey in 2011, and said Menendez had repaid Melgen $11,250 for it.Last year, Menendez disclosed that his campaign accounts had paid a law firm $250,000 for legal costs related to investigations by the Justice Department and the Senate Ethics Committee of his ties to Melgen. Health agencies to ask about billing practices and policies.But the lawmaker has said he did nothing wrong and that he and Melgen have been friends for decades.”We celebrated holidays together,” he once told reporters Cheap Jerseys china.

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