The finish line is in sight and with three of their remaining

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canada goose They have rediscovered the art of winning ugly.Reds have momentum and belief to last the pace The fact that they have done it without three mainstays of the side in captain Jordan Henderson, Adam Lallana and Sadio Mane makes it all the more impressive.Two sizeable hurdles have been cleared on the road back to Europe’s elite. The chasing pack gleefully expecting Liverpool to stumble have been left crestfallen.The finish line is in sight and with three of their remaining five matches in the comforts of Anfield the Reds have both the momentum and the belief to last the pace.It wasn’t pretty against the Baggies but it was never likely to be. Liverpool’s first league win at the Hawthorns for six years was based on desire Canada Goose Outlet, organisation, resilience and bottle.In truth they should have been out of sight prior to a chaotic and nerve jangling finale canada goose.

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