Stand Down, named for a military term that means ease, is open

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Canada Goose Outlet Hosted by the Kitsap County Veterans Assistance Program and Kitsap Area Veterans Alliance, the Stand Down will include free services for all veterans.Complimentary services for veterans and their families will include vision screening, a dental van, veterans assistance, housing, employment, education, counseling and more.Dean Herring, spokesman for the Kitsap Area Veterans Alliance, said they are expecting at least 145 veterans and their family members and friends to attend.also hoping to have a medical agency there to check blood pressures and give blood sugar screenings for free, Herring said.Qualifying veterans and family members may also receive free clothing, sleeping bags, groceries, and personal hygiene items.year we gave out about 200 bags of non perishable groceries to veterans, he said. Veterans were able to have two, but those with larger families and more children were given up to four bags. Stand Down, named for a military term that means ease, is open to veterans and their families only.Participants need to bring a DD214, military retiree ID card Cheap Canada Goose, or VA card. Canada Goose Outlet

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