So we encouraging home owners to make sure that they pipes are

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replica oakley sunglasses We will be responding to all crimes in progress including disturbances. We will be responding to traffic crashes, all of them initially, but we may reach a point where we only respond if there injury or traffic blockage replica oakley sunglasses,” says Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley.Firefighters are urging residents to take extra precautions at home.”Probably the biggest one that a lot of people don think of, with furnaces and home heating, when the snow gets this significant and this tall, you have the possibility of your ventilation pipes being blocked and that can cause a carbon monoxide build up in your home. So we encouraging home owners to make sure that they pipes are kept free of any blockage from the snow and that should ensure the safety of the residents in the home,” said Quincy Fire Chief Joe Henning.The fire department also asks that you try to keep your address visible so emergency responders can locate your home if you need help.The elderly might be in need of assistance>, so if you know of someone nearby, you might check on them.”There aren going to be a lot of people who can get out and check on individuals so it time for neighbors to help neighbors out and make sure everybody going to be safe in these times,” said Fire Chief Henning.”If you don have to be on the street, certainly stay home replica oakley sunglasses.

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