Seasons after Wheaton big victory for UO

Shay became a certified community producer with BRICin July 2015. She has produced Spiritual Sense w/Shay and The Truth and A Church Girl which airs weekly on the Brooklyn Free Speech Channel. The Truth A Church Girl was nominated for the Spirit Being: Outstanding Program Feature/Segment and the WOW! FactorOutstanding On Air Talent.

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Gilcrease, Christopher P. Hudson, Michael J. Janis, Devon P. The Donald Duck sleeve logo was removed entirely and colors transformed: The old yellow became more neon, or the mallard green became metallic and a green black hue was introduced as spruce. Seasons after Wheaton big victory for UO, Oregon announced that they wear a nearly exact replica of the one Wheaton wore, recreated by Nike, while playing Washington on Oct. 18, 2014.

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