School dress codes across Canada prohibit all young people from

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outlet canada goose replica Midriff baring tops. Shorts with a hem shorter than where a person’s fingertips graze when they are standing.School dress codes across Canada prohibit all young people from wearing a wide range of potentially inappropriate clothes. But lately more girls are crying foul at rules they say unfairly target their wardrobes.This week, 17 year old Lauren Wiggins took a stand against “unjust standards” after receiving a detention for wearing a full length halter dress that she says school officials considered “inappropriate” and a “sexual distraction.”‘Enough is enough,’ says suspended student after halter dress deemed a ‘sexual distraction’Listen to CBC’s The Current debate if school dress codes are unfair to girlsOver the years, many schools have tended to restrict girls clothing to prevent distracting their male counterparts outlet canada goose replica.

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