It was the first touchdown of Hargrove’s career and he

Speaking of saves, Craig Anderson made the first one on Hall in OT, but had to do a better job controlling the rebound that resulted in the winner. Still wanna see the NHL back in Quebec City, despite how annoying the 2,0000 members of Nordiques Nation were with their random and maniacal outburst at The Bank Saturday afternoon?. Okay, so they weren exactly random eruptions.

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PLAYER OF THE GAME: It was a tough call between Meachem and defensive tackle but I’d have to give it to the defensive guy because his plays helped seal the victory. Playing with his trademark non stop hustle, he recovered a pair of fumbles in the final minutes, including one that he returned for 4 yards and the clinching touchdown. It was the first touchdown of Hargrove’s career and he celebrated by keeping the game for his trophy case..

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