Huntsville business owners

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) Huntsville business owners are using the latest gaming trend to lure in customers. Pokemon Go players flocked to Big Spring Park tonight for Food Truck Fridays.They were everywhere, from young to old.”It’s kind of interesting to see this many people out playing the same game,” said little Oakley Baron.”It’s bringing back your childhood, you know,” said Derek Ryan.We spoke to Amity Baron, a mother who was playing with her kids, “I’m a little behind but I’ll get there. replica oakleys All that Pokemon hunting can really make you hungry.””Pokemon first, food second,” added Baron.That was the thinking behind Downtown Huntsville Inc.

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fake oakley sunglasses At Red Willow Rd. (North Leg) (West leg) (Signals)Calderstone Rd. At Lexington Rd. Outlook: It hasn’t been the easiest of seasons for the Eagles the past few, but the return of all nine starters from last year has Haake optimistic about the future. “We are hoping to continue to build on the improvements this team showed last year,” he said. Haake expects key leadership from longtime starters Byrd, Slusher, and Miller fake oakley sunglasses.

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