Hoegh Guldberg has a key role in engaging with the UQ

Madison 9, Morristown 7: Sophomore midfielder Catherine Crowley led the Dodgers (6 4) with four goals and one assist. Junior defender Lauren Taylor ahd two goals and one assist. Senior attack Laney Rutland had one goal and one assist. Hoegh Guldberg has actively collaborated with organisations such as the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, the Royal Society of London and The World Bank well as advising government and business on the science and urgency associated with climate change.Prof. Hoegh Guldberg has worked extensively with the media, believing that scientists need to extend the impact of their science using the full set of communication options.As Director of the GCI Prof. Hoegh Guldberg has a key role in engaging with the UQ community and external stakeholders to create opportunities and build strong external links and networks for the institute.

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