He said he had been made the subject of a County Court

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Celine Replica handbags We checked with many of the large districts in our area. There is a procedure in place for when severe weather hits. Officials closely monitor weather conditions and warnings with respect to with school bus routes. He said he had been made the subject of a County Court judgement for debts totalling in 2009 and was struggling to get credit for his store.And in a bid to ensure the company’s survival and to support his family he bought the clothes from Manchester in the hope of an easy sale.Victoria Oliver, defending Cheap Celine Handbags, told magistrates: “The recession has hit Mr Handa’s clothing business hard. It’s a small shop and as a result he was unable to obtain credit because of the CCJ.”He turned unfortunately to friends in Manchester who put him in touch with a gentleman who he bought the clothes from.”He was aware they were not legitimate and they were on a sale or return basis. He was aware the goods were not of proper origin and unfortunately he kept them in his store room hoping they would keep his business afloat.”The business is an ongoing concern it’s keeping afloat but only just.”She added: “This was a foolish thing to do, to be tempted by the thought of a quick sale in the hope of supporting his family.”Handa entered guilty pleas to seven counts of possessing counterfeit goods but the court was told this was a sample and it was safe to assume the remaining goods were also fake.Magistrates heard Handa is due to undergo surgery for a curvature of the spine Celine Replica handbags.

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