”During a campaign stop outside the closed Trump Plaza casino

Christie had no knowledge of or involvement in the routine settlement of this matter.”During a campaign stop outside the closed Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City wholesale jerseys, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes a jab at NJ Gov. Chris Christie.STAFF VIDEO BY THOMAS P. COSTELLOChristie’s critics, however, said the chronology of events make it implausible that the governor had no knowledge of the deal Trump was brokering with his administration.Phil Murphy, Democratic candidate for governor in 2017 (Christie can not run for reelection), said giving “Trump a pass on $25 million in back taxes (is) further proof of his fiscal ineptitude.””Donald Trump played Chris Christie just like he played the bondholders he brags about short changing for his past business failures, and the taxpayers of New Jersey are $25 million poorer for it,” Murphy said.

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