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BELL COUNTY, TX (KXXV) Certain sections of Nolan Creek have not met state water quality standards, and people throughout the Bell County area swim, fish and canoe in Nolan Creek, which is why a rise in E. Coli levels higher than the state allows have become a concern.Nikki Jackson is the director of the Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research, which is also known as TIAER.She believes that factors such as storm runoff, septic system failures and over fertilization could all be contributing to this rise in bacteria levels in the water of Nolan Creek.”There a multitude of factor, and that what this project really is about is working with the residents and the people in this area to understand and identify what those factors may be and maybe working on improving management practices,” Jackson said.Jackson says she believes educating people throughout the affected communities is one of the biggest and most effective ways to make sure the water quality doesn get any worse.”You can do things such as doing pet waste collection stations in a city park, doing community clean up days around the creek,” Jackson said. “I think teaching and providing resources to the community is going to be where we see the largest impact.”Jackson also says that although the bacteria levels don yet pose a dangerous risk to those who come into contact with the water, if the levels continue to rise, they could become a cause for alarm.This project began back in August 2012 and it is anticipated that it will run through August 2015 giving TIAER plenty of time to collect water samples and gather all the data it needs..

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cheap nfl jerseys NFL China partners with over 25 regional TV broadcasters and digital media outlets across China to air weekly games, highlights and other NFL content. Additionally, NFL China focuses on grassroots development of football through the University Flag Football League, with teams competing from 36 universities across Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and over 1,000 participating players. Starting in 2013, the NFL will establish “NFL Home Field” in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou which will bring together all elements that fans appreciate about the League in the US, for a full day of football and community fun: live football games, interactive games, football training clinics, food, drinks as well as NFL star player and cheerleader appearances.. cheap nfl jerseys

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