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No planning application has yet been submitted but Mr Magee said permission may only been needed for signage and a cash machine as the site is already operating as a shop.In a statement, the British Heart Foundation said it was “disappointed” to be moving out of the premises but it could not compete with big businesses.Chris Hull, operations manager for the charity’s furniture and electrical stores, said: “At the British Heart Foundation we are aware that Tesco will be taking over the site of our furniture andelectrical store located at 34 Piccadilly, York related website Replica Handbags, in the next year. “We have had a successful two years of trading since we opened our doors in 2008, thanks to the support and donations from thelocal community, and are disappointed to be losing the site.”We are, however, competing with commercial rivals for sites such as this Replica Handbags Replica Designer Handbags, and in this case unfortunately we have not been able to match the rent that Tesco are able to pay.”The city centre really is going down hill with all these chain stores opening up in the city centre. Soon York won’t be the York everybody has grown to love enjoy visiting becuase of all large amounts of interesting independant stores.

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