Alan Wilmott, who works for CAMHS at Torbay and South Devon

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Canada Goose online Home About us News and publications Latest news and events Local mental health practitioner scoops national awardTorbay’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) are celebrating after one of their Advanced Practitioners was announced as the Mental Health Practice Award winner at the prestigious RCNi Nurse Awards 2017.The RCNi Nurse Awards recognise and celebrate the innovation, talent and skill of the UK nursing profession. Alan Wilmott, who works for CAMHS at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, was nominated for developing and implementing a five week course for parents called ‘understanding your child’s mental health’.The five week programme of mental health workshops is run for all parents whose child has received a child and mental health service assessment.The relaxed and informal sessions Canada Goose Outlet, designed by Alan and the team, cover important topics such as how brains develop; how external influences, actions and real life events affect how we feel and the need to be able to feel safe sharing with people who we trust how we might be feeling.There are opportunities for parents to share ideas about what they find helpful and unhelpful in supporting their children emotional health.Feedback shows parents feel more confident and less isolated, have a better understanding of mental illness and are more able to create and enjoy positive experiences with their child.Comments from parents who attended the workshops include: “I have learned to talk to my son at a better understanding level” and “It was helpful to me in understanding my daughter more, what her moods really mean and how we can deal with it in a more helpful way”.Alan Wilmott, Advanced Practitioner Perinatal and Parent/Infant Mental Health at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Seeing the difference the workshops can make to people’s lives is extremely rewarding and, on behalf of CAMHS, I’d like to say how incredibly proud I am of this achievement.”The workshops help parents and carers to develop resilience and a better understanding of what poor mental health might mean to their child or young person. We encourage parents to try fun Canada Goose Outlet Sale Canada Goose Sale, creative activities to explore mental health and offer ideas about activities that help foster a positive, playful relationship with children.”It provides an opportunity for reflection, but also reassurance that ruptures in relationships are inevitable what is important to the young person is to learn that ruptures are repairable Canada Goose online.

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