A lot of our congressional leaders commit perjury when they

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canada goose black friday sale Everything important Canada Goose Outlet, even immortality was happening at that moment. In my imagination I saw history take place on this same beach: Indians and pirates on the beach in the foreground, the background remained the same. Timeless. A lot of our congressional leaders commit perjury when they take the oath of office to “uphold and defend the Constitution” and then turn around and try to pass laws that totally contradict their oath of office. Sadly Canada Goose Outlet Sale, many of these career politicians care more about getting reelected than they are for standing up for what’s right and assuming fiscal responsibility https://www.canadagoosejacketsforcheap.com, which would explain why we have such a huge debt problem in this country. When you have unprincipled men and women in government who spend our tax dollars like a pig eating at a trough and not even making out a budget, then it’s no wonder we have the economic mess that we’re in. canada goose black friday sale

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